E-BOOKSeBOOKSeBooks that work on every major eReader!When Foresight Publishing formats your eBook, we will get as close as we can to your original version while working within the limits of the eBook format. Your eBook will NOT be a mirror image of your print book, nor will it look the same from one device to another—but that is okay. The most important thing is that your eBook is clean and professional and consists of a steady stream of text that can be read and adjusted on all eReaders.Digitally converting a manuscript into popular formats like E-Pub or Kindle can be a complicated process if you’re not an experienced designer, but don’t worry—we can handle that for you! Foresight Book Publishing is fully capable of converting your new or existing book into clean, readable formats that are guaranteed to be compatible with all of the most popular eReaders and tablets. Your book will also be uploaded onto the world’s largest book distributor’s server, so your book will be available for download from the largest online retailers in the world. BACK TO TOP