The concept is simple: WE help you write, design, produce and internationally distribute the book. YOU promote it.


Instead of filling your garage with books that may never sell, we print only what is needed to meet your current demand—whether that’s a single book or 10,000. Either made by you directly through your own website and public engagements or through one of the major online booksellers your book will be linked to, you will profit from every single sale of your book.Once an order is placed, we have all the electronic files necessary to print and deliver the book to its buyer within 24 hours. The distance between book-maker and book-reader has never been shorter. Instead of worrying about logistics and inventory management, you simply deposit checks for books that have been sold within the month.Once the book is entered into our system, information about your title enters the catalogs of the world’s largest distribution channel of wholesalers, retailers, and booksellers and fully ready to start generating profit.Not only are we fast, we are good!Foresight Publishing is affiliated with the world’s largest book distributor and On-Demand book producer. This provides you with not only the widest array of ways to get your book to the public, but the highest book quality and up-to-date On-Demand publishing technology.Our publishing agreement is simple and cancelable with a 30-day advanced notice. YOU are in full control of the design, copyrights, and ownership of the book. Our publishing and international distribution processes are easy and lightning-fast.When it comes to producing books, speed is not our only strength. We work fast, but we also pay close attention to the personal relationship with our authors and craftsmen, conducting rigorous quality control checks on each book before it is shipped.Our sharp graphics and crisp text make it virtually impossible to distinguish our On-Demand books from offset copies. Our affiliate facilities are equipped with the most advanced technology in the world, delivering great products in the most efficient and effective manner, and we are committed to continuous improvement as new innovations prove viable.WE OFFER:Talented ghostwriters who will help you develop your ideas and stories into a polished, professional-quality finished book.Individualized service that is customizable to your particular wants and needs.Completely transparent pricing and billing for our all-inclusive packages. The only extra charges you may incur will be an “a la cart” array of marketing support tools, to assist you in your promotional efforts.We guarantee a high quality product in both hard and soft cover formats as well as eBook formatting along wide distribution channels, which include Barnes & Noble and Amazon.With Foresight you will maintain full control of the manuscript, book production and appearance, as well as keep full ownership of your intellectual property.We will obtain on your behalf the International Standard Book Number or ISBN registration, UPC bar code assignment for retail sales listings, and Library of Congress and US Copyright registrations.Updates and corrections to your book can be made simpler and more economical with a digitally-stored and fully editable format, making your book a fluid, obsolete-free document.  BACK TO TOP