• Campaign Builder Inspirational BooksPromoting a book is a great way to build steam for an upcoming campaign. Now more than ever, elected or aspiring public officials are self-publishing memoirs, biographies, and inspirational books in order to share their personal stories and introduce themselves to their constituencies.

    Excellent Campaign Contributions Vehicle – President Jimmy Carter, Mike Huckabee, Al Gore, and John McCain are all politicians turned authors who gained great success with their published books in the past decade. Their books became excellent fundraising tools and great gifts for their supporters.  President Barack Obama’s The Audacity of Hope sold over 4.5 million copies and can be considered a large contributing factor to his successful first presidential campaign.

    Obtain Speaking Engagements – Your inspirational book, which is based on your experiences and philosophy, can be promoted at speaking engagements and can help you gain access to events you may not have been invited to before.

    Legitimacy and Credibility – A self-published book is the perfect vehicle for the promotion and introduction of a candidate in a political campaign because it employs the network of campaign workers, party officials, and volunteers to promote the book. Your campaign kick-off team probably already has a marketing crew in place that can use the book to create the professional legitimacy and credibility that any author would love to have.

    Media Attraction – A Campaign Builder Inspirational Book from Foresight Book Publishing can take your campaign to the next level by creating a new and interesting aspect to your candidacy that will attract the attention of the press and other news media.

  • Career Builder Inspirational BooksWhether you are a motivational speaker, real estate agent, or professional in any other field, Foresight Book Publishing has all of the essential tools to transform your business expertise into a high quality inspirational book that grabs the attention of current and prospective clients.

    Establish Credibility – A book is an effective tool to establish credibility in a specific area and brand yourself as an authority figure in your professional field.

    Obtain Speaking Engagements – Share your expertise and sell your book during speaking engagements. Being a published author is an excellent tool for networking and prospecting.

    Excellent Informational and Marketing Tool – Display your professional expertise and provide much needed information for potential clients by publishing a Career Builder Inspirational Book. For example, a real estate agent’s business can greatly benefit from publishing a book of tips for first-time home buyers.

    Boost your Image – Create a trustworthy and respectable image for yourself and your business by publishing an inspirational book on how to maintain proper business practices that you advocate as a professional.


  • Corporate Image Builder Inspirational BooksA Corporate Image Builder Inspirational Book records the history and future vision of your organization. From the people, events, and culture that have made your company successful, this book relays the past, present, and future of your business.

    Valuable Marketing Tool – A Corporate Image Builder Inspirational Book is a great way to sell your company, your vision and develop an effective branding strategy as well as reputable public image for your company and product.

    Excellent Recruitment Tool – In a competitive employment market, a Corporate Image Builder Inspirational Book can increase the interest of potential talent to work with your organization by creating awareness to your mission, vision and values. It can also build current employee pride and loyalty as well as strengthen your overall brand identity.

    Commemorative Book – A Corporate Image Builder Inspirational Book makes a great gift for your employees, prospects, clients, and key community leaders because it commemorates your company’s key achievements, anniversaries, and other milestones.

    Inspirational Tool – Share the lessons, insights, and inspirational stories behind your company’s success.